Cops, doctors and students at Franklin Regional High School trying to cope with a kid losing it and trying to stab everything in his path wielding two knives like a ninja turtle on crystal meth (a routine occurance in modern day suburban America) as usual had to deal with annoying media vultures who made it worse for everybody. Ratings-whores desparate to be FIRST to COVER THE STORY crowded the high school’s parking lot like filthy rabid molesters in their molester vans, stuck their cameras into police cars, dragged exasperated students like puppets on TV to make them relive probably the most horrific event of their young lives, all the while quoting Mr. Rogers on Twitter.

They asked stupid fucking questions, wasted the time of doctors, police, teachers and students and their parents who were already tired from actually trying to help the human beings affected, and flooded Twitter with a shitload of misinformed diarrhea.

The modern American media culture, from your average internet dickhead to the latest inane reality show whore is a desparate orgy of attention-grasping. The vortex is spinning in the bowels of 24/7 television news, impregnating the mother beast of angry young psychopaths who routinely develop a ravenous appetite for hatred and revenge of people who didn’t know they existed, ending in a brutal and random mass murder. What pathetic madness. This is what we are. I’ve read about more mass murders in high schools than I’ve had slices of apple pie in the 21st century, what about you?

Attention is now paramount to intelligence, progress, fun, and human life, and it’s cheapening everything. Journalism is on it’s deathbed, and social activism, art, sex, and everything else is advertised on the marketplace by the greedy dicks who control everything and continue to suck resources out of the culture like the maniac vampires they are without retribution from hired goons and fuckwits in government. We can follow that buck all the way to Wall Street. But it should be noted this week that bankers have been dropping like Righteous Pope Frank’s balls all winter, and thank fucking Christ for it. Only the stinkbug survives the winter, and my tiny fucking hole of an apartment stinks, and I like it. I’m just glad I’m not a headless Wall Street banker in a basement garage in Lichtenstein.

And I’m glad I’m out of high school.

I was in high school two decades ago, and back then ugly little quiet weirdos had outlets. Football turned out to be an utter failure, but you had rock n roll and heavy metal your guitar. I started playing when I was 10. That was a good age to start to develop a space in your mind that you could create. You learn note for note guitar solos and your memory develops. I found something that took me out of the insanity of institutional conditioning they called an education.   I also had Whitman and Kerouac and William Blake and Mark Twain, and not very many TV stations, and most of what was on was boring.

In a short two decades of media bullshit pumped into their heads, the parents of suburban America have removed all indications of rock ‘n’ roll and freedom and any kind of real art from their children’s lives. When I was in high school heavy metal was the latest incorporation of rock n roll, then “grunge” was the last thing remotely rocknroll corporate culture tried to sell to us. The corporate culture that most kids are weened on is not offering rock n roll or art of any kind which isn’t used to sell things. That’s why little punk scenes and shit everywhere are valuable. You get kids out of the insanity they’re living in and show them new realities.

Why do you think the military wants these young fuckers? They are death machines at that age. And if it’s not channeled somewhere, it’ll destroy everything in its path. Sure they have drugs, but not any good ones, not the kind we old folks like. They should be riddled with booze and pot like any red blooded American teenage boy.. Instead they have pills prescribed to them by drug dealing low-cost doctors, fully legal, that fuck them up much more than all the psychedelics I’ve ever done combined.

It’s inevitable kids are going to lash out in violence. They’re being pressured down by the mentality of corporate culture. They’re being sold shit all around them. They’re being pushed inward. They’re being taught to give in and worship the god Fear. They’re being bombarded with messages of conformity and consumerism. They don’t know what the fuck to think. Who can deal with this bombardment of white noise? They’re being raised in poisened environments, drinking poison water, injected with corn syrup, breathing in pollution, the planet’s getting hotter, there’s too many people, we’re going down the drain, chaos and war, advertising to make them fat, injected with the imagery of imagery, that all art is advertising, that every molecule of reality has a monetary value.

Attention is paramount. Attention and Fear are king. The nightly news pounds that into our heads daily. It doesn’t matter that the nightly news doesn’t reach kids. It’s affected the culture like a puking dragon that breezed through in the past few decades, starting with Geraldo and all that shit I don’t care to think about.

The media praising the normalcy of the kid’s parents, the dunderheads who raise these coddled monsters commenting on news sites blaming “bullying” as a justification for attempted murder, the news filming him in the cop car and putting his face on the front page of the paper, they know damn fucking well they’re creating these monsters, and don’t give a FUCK because it’s good for ratings, for short term profits, the god we worship above all else, the god Wall Street whored out the human race to.

The Suburban Ideal, thrust on this culture by the Local Network TV News, by blond, upper-crust newscasters frightening old white people with images of dangerous black men and insane drug-addled commies and terrorists and Russian nukes out to get you, all the while waving the maniacal flag of Mediocrity and Normalcy, spreading their disease so thoroughly that it does not only hit the eyeballs and brains of the middle class, but seeds itself behind their recliners… to the far corners of the living rooms and bedrooms in the collective mind of Middle America… so even if they wake from their corn syrup comas, there’s another beast that escaped their nightmares hiding right under the couch cushion. And they breed their children in this swamp of Fear.

During this whole shit storm of media assholery, WTAE’s resident Hot Blonde Reporter Ashlie Hardway tweeted a quote by Mr. Rogers—a man who advocated for responsible TV– about “looking for the helpers” when tragedy strikes. Have you no decency? Instead of vomiting, I offered a mild retort:


And she knows it.

And I was polite. But the vile stinking green demon cum that splooges forth from her industry does not leave Ashlie Hardway pristine, even if she does have pure, flawless, lily-white intentions. WTAE wasted no time producing a commercial out of the stabbings with their logo, which I referred to in the above exchange.

I’m talking about a bigger picture. The industry that cuts her paycheck and puts her ass in tight skirts and hooker heels and sells the Innocent Hot Aryan Blonde-with-a-halo image that’s she’s rocking so well serves no function but to cannibalize the culture.

A wonderful rant written by Virginia Montanez (@JanePitt) likening the local media on Twitter to Wall Street brokers in the stock exchange received so many comments hating on the media coverage that it made me hope for the human race for two seconds. http://thatschurch.com/2014/04/09/a-rant/

This comment referred to the fact that Hardway tweeted about the Christlike media being “crucified” and inviting the viewers to do their jobs if we think it’s so easy.


April 10, 2014 9:36 am

Way to make it all about you, Ashlee.

Newsflash! It’s NOT all about you. It’s about the victims. The suspect. The families. The students and staff at the school. Don’t try to cash in your drama chips on someone else’s pain.

She’s disgusting. Nothing like fishing for pats on the head and attagirls for doing her damn job.

IT’S FUCKING PATHETIC what television news is doing, national is the worst of course, but local isn’t much better. It’s worse now than Mr. Rogers ever imagined.

The news media is an industry that’s been training the majority of the public to be fearful of each other and stupid for decades now. They not only create a climate of Manufactured Fear, but they viciously attack anything trying to change that climate like wolves guarding a freshly killed carcass. Well, it’s time these people are stopped. Fuck them, they don’t get to dictate the tone of conversation and don’t get to tell us how to feel. We don’t need these psychopaths.



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